Önnur hlið á því þegar Stephen Fry hittir Guð

Giles Fraser:

This is why the Jesus story is, for me, the most theologically revolutionary story that there can be. Because it imagines God and power separated. God as a baby. God poor. God helpless on a cross. God with a mocking and ironic crown of thorns. In these scenes it is Caesar who has the power. And so the question posed is: which one will you follow when push comes to shove? You can follow what is right and get strung up for it. Or you can cosy up to power and do as you are told. By saying that he will stare ultimate power in the face and, without fear, call it by its real name, Fry has indicated he is on the side of the angels (even though he does not believe in them). Indeed, Fry is following in a long tradition of religious polemic, from Job to Blake and beyond.

Lykilspurningin er nefnilega sú hvaða mynd þú hefur af Guði. Hvort kemur á undan? Valdið eða kærleikurinn? Er Guð vald eða er Guð kærleikur?