Vinstri, kristni, hræsni

Giles Fraser:

Hypocrisy is an accusation often levelled at two groups in particular: lefties and the religious. And the thing that both these groups have in common is that they both want to employ a moral vision to redesign the world. Which opens the possibility of professing a position that one fails fully to live up to – ie hypocrisy. Indeed, unless one is a saint, I cannot see how it is possible to be a Christian and not a hypocrite. To my mind, this hypocrisy is a near inevitable consequence of taking any sort of moral stand.

Fraser fléttar saman kristni, vinstriáherslur í pólitík og hræsni um leið og hann minnir á að við eigum að taka afstöðu og gera kröfur, til okkar sjálfra og annarra, jafnvel þótt við getum ekki alltaf risið undir þeim.