Category: Easter 2020

  • Easter 04: Vigdís

    Vigdís Finnbogadóttir

    Vigdís Finnbogadóttir celebrates her ninetieth birthday today. When we were growing up she was elected president of Iceland and became the first democratically directly elected female president in the world. She had a passion for language, the Icelandic language and other languages. For that and all of her work we want to thank. That is […]

  • Easter 03: Beatitudes for times of pandemic

    The Beatitudes in the fifth chapter of Gospel of Matthew are among the best known texts of the Bible. There are numerous examples of modern-day beatitudes, apply the style and format of beatitudes to something that is happening today. A recent is example are the beatitudes for a time of pandemic by Jayne Manfredi. The […]

  • Easter 02: That which is beautiful


    The Kurzgesagt videos are a favorite with us and our children. Short and clear reflections on everything between heaven and earth (literally as some of the videos are about the earth, others about space). One video we saw recently is about beauty: why does that which is beautiful attract us. It seems that beauty and […]