Easter 03: Beatitudes for times of pandemic

The Beatitudes in the fifth chapter of Gospel of Matthew are among the best known texts of the Bible. There are numerous examples of modern-day beatitudes, apply the style and format of beatitudes to something that is happening today. A recent is example are the beatitudes for a time of pandemic by Jayne Manfredi. The thirteen beatitudes include:

Blessed are those who stay indoors for they have protected others.

Blessed are the unemployed and the self-employed, for their need of God is great.

Blessed are the corner shopkeepers, for they are the purveyors of scarce things.

Blessed are the delivery drivers and the postal workers, for they are the bringers of essential things.

Blessed are the hospital workers; the ambulance crews, the doctors, the nurses, the care assistants, and the cleaners, for they stand between us and the grave, and the Kingdom of Heaven is surely theirs.

Dave Walker who draws the CartoonChurch drew a beautiful illustration of these new beatitudes, which helps convey their meaning. On the third day of Easter we are happy to share them with you.